Welcome and thank-you!

It has been a pleasure to serve as your Ward 1 City Councilor for nearly four years. This past year, I’ve also had the honor of being chosen by my colleagues to serve as President of the Eugene City Council.

Thank you!

Now, as we face pandemic emergencies, the struggle for racial equity, police reform, budget demands, financial and job recovery, addressing a desperate housing crisis, climate change, and sheltering the homeless, we have the opportunity we’ve been waiting for.

The door is open, but not forever. It’s going to take all of us to join together — neighbors, service providers, faith communities, businesses … everyone! We can be the powerful force of communication, cooperation and caring; able to bring sustainable, workable, just and fair solutions into reality. It’s time and we can do this.

Now, more than ever, I ask you to support my reelection so that I can apply my experience and commitment to help ensure all members of our community remain healthy and safe, and to make certain no one is left behind as we recover our local economy.

I hope you’ll feel the right choice in this election is “Semple” — and grant me your vote.

Please use this website for information about opportunities to donate and volunteer. Request a lawn sign, register for the next Virtual Town Hall meeting and follow Instagram, thechoiceissemple. Matching funds are currently available for donations.

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