DOUBLE YOUR SUPPORT! Six Ward 1 Households Create 100% Match Fund!
For every dollar that you donate, these neighbors have pledged to add a dollar to Emily’s campaign fund.

“I’m running my campaign on a very modest budget and appreciate the support I’ve received from Ward 1 voters as the mainstay of my funding.” — Councilor Emily Semple

Donate with Credit Cards
You can donate with Visa, Mastercard and other credit cards or with PayPal. If you have any problems, please Contact Emily.
Your donation will help Councilor Semple reach Ward 1 voters with important information about her plans for the future, including evidence-based responses to the Coronavirus pandemic to ensure the safety of all our community members and a safe economic recovery.

To donate by check:

  • Make check payable to: Emily Semple for City Council
  • Mail check to: 409 W. Broadway, Eugene, OR, 97401
  • Please enclose a note with your address, current occupation and employer (or your own business, “retired” or “none”).