Experience Matters

“Semple cares about homeless people and free speech
but tries to listen to the frustrations of all her constituents.”
(Read letters from the community describing why they support Emily.)

These individuals & organizations support re-election of Councilor Emily Semple.

Local Elected Officials

  • George Brown
    Former City Councilor, Ward 1
  • Gary Rayor
    Former City Councilor, Ward 1
  • Betty Taylor
    City Councilor, Ward 2
  • Chris Pryor
    City Councilor, Ward 8
  • David Kelly
    Former City Councilor, Ward 3
  • Pete Sorenson
    County Commissioner, District 3
  • Pat Farr
    County Commissioner, District 4

Public Safety Organizations

  • Eugene Police Employees’ Association
  • Lane Professional Firefighters IAFF L851


  • Home Builders’ Association of Lane County
  • Citizens for Responsible Use of Plastics

Neighborhood Leaders

  • David Monk, Co-Chair, Eugene Neighborhood Leaders Council
  • Pam Wooddell, Co-chair, Friendly Area Neighbors
  • Margie James, Co-chair, Friendly Area Neighbors
  • Carlos Barrera, Former Co-chair, Friendly Area Neighbors
  • Ted Coopman, Chair, Jefferson Westside Neighbors
  • Sue Cummings, Board member Jefferson Westside Neighbors
  • Tom Happy, Former Chair, Jefferson Westside Neighbors
  • Paul Conte, Former Chair, Jefferson Westside Neighbors
  • Joni Dawning, Former Chair, Jefferson Westside Neighbors
  • Steve Pringle, Former Board member, Jefferson Westside Neighbors
  • Janice Gotchall, Former Board member, Jefferson Westside Neighbors
  • Charles Snyder, Former Board member, Jefferson Westside Neighbors
  • Josh Bolton, Former Board member, Jefferson Westside Neighbors
  • Ralph McDonald, Co-Chair Southwest Hills Neighborhood Association
  • Ron Bevirt, Co-Chair, Southwest Hills Neighborhood Association
  • Janet Bevirt, Treasurer, Southwest Hills Neighborhood Association
  • Vic Hariton, Former Chair, Southwest Hills Neighborhood Association
  • Deborah Noble, Former Board member, Southeast Neighbors
  • Bill Aspegren, Co-Chair, South University Neighborhood Association
  • Carolyn Jacobs,  Vice-chair, South University Neighborhood Association
  • Randy Prince, Former Chair, Amazon Neighborhood Association

Community Members

  • Stephanie Coopman
  • Jane Happy
  • Art Bollmann
  • Vickie Nelson
  • Plaedo
  • Michael Carrigan
  • Scott Bartlett
  • Sue Sierralupe
  • Kark Eysenbach
  • Dennis Hebert
  • Jerry Diethelm
  • Eben Fodor
  • Wayne Lottinville
  • Tom Halferty
  • Michael Gannon
  • Tony Rosta
  • Barbara D. May
  • Jesse Springer
  • Jorge Navarro
  • Ed Murphy
  • Donna Taggart
  • Miriam Bolton
  • Christine Sundt
  • JeanneMarie Moore
  • Tom Dunn
  • Eric Jackson

  • Lisa Marie DiVincent
  • Nena Lovinger
  • Bob Edmonds
  • Margo Schaefer
  • Dale Justice
  • Cary Thompson
  • Helen Shepard
  • Jill Giddens
  • Lucy Lynch
  • David Zupan
  • Ron Pike
  • Robert Emmons
  • Linda Duggan
  • Cindy Allen
  • Mats White
  • Christi Ridge White
  • Alice Parman
  • Mary Beth Bonte
  • Erika Seiferling
  • Marty Moran
  • Barbara Aten
  • David Burkett
  • William Collinge
  • Luther Greulich
  • Randy Groves

Eugene activists speak

Experience: “Councilor Semple has forcefully represented her constituents, no matter their economic status or political connections.” ~George Brown, Former Ward 1 City Councilor

Service: “As an activist and City Councilor, Emily Semple has helped bring the un-housed and activists together … to benefit those living on the streets in Eugene.” ~Michael Carrigan, Program Director Community Alliance of Lane County

Trust: “Emily is the Council’s strongest advocate for neighborhoods and trusts informed citizens to do the right thing.” ~Ted Coopman, Chair, Jefferson Westside Neighbors

Leadership: “Emily Semple’s experience and leadership have been vital to the Sustainability Commission.” ~Ralph McDonald, Sustainability Commissioner

Justice: “Greenlight” ~Basic Rights Oregon, basicrights.org/2020equalitypac/

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“Emily is one of the nicest
‘two-leggers’ I know!” — Beau